7 feb. 2014

Sylvia Day publicó en su pagina un pequeño extracto de Captive by You

Se los dejo aquí debajo, espero que lo disfruten. Está en ingles, luego lo subo en español Si me da tiempo por las tareas y trabajos del colegio.

Para quienes no lo saben, Captive by You es el 4to libro de la saga Crossfire escrita por la autora mencionada anteriormente en el titulo del post.

OJO: En su pagina, ella recomienda NO leer este extracto si aun no haz leído el tercer libro, Atada a Ti, ya que contiene SPOILERS.

“Ask me to come with you,” Gideon said.
It was so hard to say no to him. I knew he hated the thought of being apart from me for an entire weekend. I hated it, too. And it was much worse knowing that he’d worry and be unhappy the whole time.
My smile faded. “I can’t. If I’m going to start telling people we’re married, I have to start with Cary, and I can’t do that with you around. I don’t want him to feel like he’s on the outside of a life I’m creating with you.”
“I don’t want to be on the outside either.”
I linked my fingers with his, trying to convey how connected we were and always would be. “Spending private time with friends doesn’t make us any less of a couple.”
“I prefer to spend time with you. You’re the most interesting person I know.”
His words, spoken so matter-of-factually, sent me reeling. Of all the things he could say to me… all the ways he could tell me he loved me… that was the jackpot right there.
Overcome, I hitched up my skirt and straddled his lap before I realized what I was doing. Cupping his face in my hands, I kissed him desperately, needing to show him how easily he shredded me in all the best ways.
He moaned when I pulled away, his fingers flexing possessively into the curves of my buttocks. “Do that again.”
“I’m so hot for you right now,” I breathed, using the pad of my thumb to rub his lips clean of my gloss.
“That’s okay. I’m good with that.”
I laughed and pure joy filled me when he smiled in return. “I feel so awesome right now.”
“Better than you did in the hallway?”
“That’s a different kind of awesome.” My fingertips tap-danced on his shoulders. “That was the best compliment, ace. Especially coming from the Gideon Cross. You meet fascinating people every day.”
“And wish they’d go away so I can get back to you.”
My eyes stung with tears. He made me feel so… treasured. “God, I love you. So much it hurts.”
I hugged him tightly and picked up a tremor in his hold that told me how much I affected him, too. I wanted him to feel love all the time, all around him. He deserved it. Needed it.
“I want you to do something for me,” I murmured.
“Anything. Everything.”
I smiled against his cheek. “Let’s have a party.”
“Great. I’ll set up the swing.”
Pulling back, I shoved at his shoulder. “Not that kind of party, fiend.”
He sighed. “Bummer.”
The thought of being restrained made me nervous, but that wasn’t going to stop me from giving my best shot at making all of Gideon’s fantasies reality.
I gave him a wicked smile. “How about I promise the swing in return for the party?”
“Ah, now we’re talking.” He settled back with an indulgent smile. “Tell me what you have in mind.”
“Booze and friends, yours and mine.”
“All right.” His eyes took on a calculating gleam. “I’ll see you your booze and friends, and raise you a quickie in a dark corner somewhere during.”
I swallowed hard. He knew how to get to me, knew how much I wanted him when he was relaxed and enjoying himself, how much I wanted to stake my claim on him in the most immediate and primal way possible.
“You drive a hard bargain,” I said.
“Exactly my intention.”
“Okay, then.” I licked my lips. “I’ll see you your quickie, and raise you a hand job under the table.”
His brows rose. “Clothed,” he countered.
I hummed softly in disagreement. “I think you need to revisit and revise, Mr. Cross.”
“I think you’ll need to work harder to convince me, Mrs. Cross.”

                                          Besos y abrazos,

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